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EST Group



Curtiss-Wright EST Group specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of highly-engineered products and repair services for shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, coolers and chillers. Their best known product, the Pop-A-Plug® Tube Plugging System, is the industry’s leading technology for plugging leaking and degraded heat exchanger tubes. EST Group also engineers and manufactures test plugs, pressure testing and isolation plugs to greatly simplify and speed-up pressure testing and/or isolation of piping, tubing, valves, pressure vessels and a multitude of special applications.

Our Partnership

RK Griffith is an authorized sales representative of EST Group as of 2018 in the New England territory:

  • Maine

  • Vermont

  • New Hampshire

  • Massachusetts

  • Rhode Island

  • Connecticut

Key Products

  • Pop-a-Plug tube plugging system

  • Test Plugs

  • Isolation Plugs