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Riley Power  - Steam generators for waste-to-energy, biomass and pulverized coal applications
Boiler Tube Co. of America - Fabricated pressure parts
Riley Power - Engineered pressure parts
Clyde Bergemann Atlanta - Boiler cleaning devices including sootblowers, wall blowers, explosion generators & water cannons; automatic port cleaners for recovery boilers
Conval - High pressure globe, ball, check & gate valves
Vogt Power - Heat recovery steam generators
BTA Imtec - Access doors
Clyde BergemannBachmann - Dampers; fabric & metal expansion joints

firing systems

Riley Power - Coal/gas/oil burners for wall fired & t-fired applications; pulverizer parts for all OEM mills
Detroit Stoker - Gas/oil fired package burners for industrial boilers; watercooled vibrating & traveling grate spreader stoker systems
Forney - Gas/oil ignition equipment & high energy spark ignitors.


Rosemount Analytical - O2 & CO analyzers; opacity meters; pressure, temperature & flow transmitters
Forney - Flame scanners & BMS systems
Fireye - Flame scanners
Testo - Portable emissions analyzers
Winters - Pressure gauges & temperature indicators
Syn-Fab - High temperature furnace camera systems

ash handling systems

AshTech – Mechanical ash handling systems & ash mixers for biomass & waste to energy boilers
Clyde Bergemann Environmental Technologies – Pneumatic ash handling systems; mechanical ash handling systems for utility boilers
Detroit Stoker – Rotary valves

natural gas equipment

Northstar – Natural gas metering, pressure control & compression systems

air pollution control systems

Clyde Bergemann Environmental Technologies – Particulate collection devices (ESPs & fabric filters); dry sorbent injection systems
Riley Power – Selective catalytic reduction systems
Babcock Power Environmental – Dry & wet flue gas desulfurization systems; SCR systems for combustion turbines
Synergy – CO oxidation catalyst

heat transfer equipment

Alfa Laval – Plate heat exchangers
Thermal Engineering International – Shell & tube heat exchangers; feedwater heaters; steam surface condensers
SPX Cooling Technologies – Cooling towers; air cooled heat exchangers; air cooled condensers

energy storage systems

ViZn Energy – Flow battery for energy storage applications