RK Griffith & Associates
Power & process equipment for the New England, NY & NJ markets.


We offer onsite, offsite & inspection/testing services.

How can we help?

RK Griffith & Associates welcomes the opportunity to assist both new and existing customers by performing a variety services to support our products. For further information please contact us.

ONSITE services:

Conval - Valve repair service

TEi Construction Services - Merit shop construction services for boilers & boiler-related equipment

TEiC Heat Exchangers - Repair, testing & retubing of feedwater heaters, condensers and other shell and tube heat exchangers

Rosemount Analytical - Start-up, testing, calibration and repair of O2 analyzers

Fireye & Forney - Flame scanner testing services

Commonwealth Dynamics - Mechanical erection of concrete chimneys, steel stacks and exhaust systems


Clyde Bergemann - Sootblower gearbox rebuilds

SPX Cooling Tech - Cooling tower gearbox rebuilds

TEiC Heat Exchangers - Repair/retubing of shell and tube heat exchangers

Riley Power - Pulverizer journal & roll wheel rebuilds for coal & limestone mills

Alfa Laval - Testing & repair of plate and frame heat exchangers


Riley Power - Boiler inspection services, non-destructive testing & metalurgical labratory services

Rosemount Analytical - Start-up, testing and repair; repair to O2 & CO analyzers

SPX Cooling Tech - Cooling tower inspection service

Clyde Bergemann - Sootblower inspection service

Vogt Power - Inspection of heat recovery steam generators